WEDNESDAY 5.6.2019
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Technovation 2019


The Technovation 2019 Conference will address cutting-edge technologies in the world of technology, the challenge of maintaining a leadership role for Israeli high-tech in face of increasing competition, and the role of high-tech in contributing to a better and safer world.

The conference will focus on central global technological trends and the way in which start-up companies can ride this wave and possibly even precede it. We’ll discuss the role of start-up companies in a society in which they function and their responsibilities to that society. We’ll discuss approaches to funding in a world that may be heading for a slowdown, the maturing of Israeli high-tech, how to grow larger companies and whether the government has a role to play in this market.

Israeli high-tech is maturing, so where are the public offerings? How does one continue to grow with high valuations? Where will the next 100,000 workers in this industry come from?

A tsunami called AI is upon us.  Some of the relevant questions are: How far will its capabilities reach, what can start-up companies gain from artificial intelligence and what are the risks for the labor market, what is the ability to influence the discourse, and other topics.

Do the giant corporations contribute to or choke off innovation and how can one survive in their shadow? Is the time ripe for government intervention in facing the new monopolies?

Among the topics to be discussed:

High-tech for a better world: Food-tech and Agri-tech. How does one feed 7 billion people? Would you be willing to eat grasshopper meat?

New modes of transportation: From A to Z, from Mobileye to Tesla: From electric scooters through autonomous cars to adaptive bus routes. Transportation modes are rapidly changing, offering opportunities for alert entrepreneurs.

Artificial Intelligence: Inherent opportunities and risks: What is the role of academia, industry and the government in maintaining a leading role in this technology?

Big Data: Data is the new petroleum: How does one continue providing fuel for the data industry while maintaining the privacy of users and the authenticity of the data?


STARTECH is arena for innovative deal making and business investments.

An invite-only event for attendees from all over the world: top-tier venture funds, corporate funds, angel investors & entrepreneurs.

STARECH will present a variety of promising Israeli Startups and high growth companies, carefully selected by a panel of experts.

Attendees will get a first look at the startups; meet the founders; get exposed to the Israeli eco-system and network with other top-tier investors.


Shahar Ziv

Managing Partner, BDO

Dr. Esther Luzzatto

Luzzatto Group Senior Partner

Yaniv Cohen

Partner, Head of Technology Cluster. BDO Israel

Zohar Zisapel

Co-Founder, RAD Data Communications

Ilan Buganim

Head of the Data Division, Bank Leumi

Caroline Hazlehurst

Director of EMEA Operations at Bird

Dr. Kfir Luzzatto

Luzzatto Group President

Sagi Dagan

VP of growth, Innovation Authority

Dr. Erel Margalit

JVP Executive Chairman, Founder Israel Initiative ii2020

Natalie Kotlyar

Partner, BDO USA

Adham Ghazali

CEO & Founder, Imagry

Danielle Holtz

Director of Business Development, Maniv Mobility

Rodolphe Bereby

CFO Adore Me

Nurit Pirani

head of LeumiTech Business Center

Oren Shoval

Co-Founder and CTO at Via

Yael Rivkind

Director of Partnerships, Otonomo

Ron Gura

VP Product, WeWork

Ayelet Carasso-Sternberg

Co-founder& CEO, Genie

Dror Tamir

Co-Founder & CEO, Hargol FoodTech

Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin

Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin, Managing Director at Lear Innovation Ventures

Shahar Florence

Chief Growth & Innovation Officer, Strauss Group


Assembly and registration
Opening remarks

Avi Bar-Eli, TheMarker Editor

Ilan Buganim, Head of Data Division, Bank Leumi
CPA Shahar Ziv, Managing Partner, BDO
Dr. Esther Luzzato, Managing Partner, Luzzato & Luzzato, patent attorneys
Smart Mobility – Making our cities great

Caroline Hazlehurst, Director of EMEA Operations, Bird

Leaping Up – The smart transportation revolution

                     Opening remarks: Zohar Zisapel, Co-Founder, RAD Data Communications
Moderator: Amitai Ziv, High-Tech Editor, TheMarker
Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin, Managing Director, Lear Innovation Ventures
Danielle Holtz, Director of Business Development, Maniv Mobility
Yael Rivkind, Director of Partnerships, Otonomo

Oren Shoval, Co-Founder and CTO, Via
Snapshot - Innovation in Israel, a situation assessment

Sagi Dagan, VP of growth, Innovation Authority

Dr. Kfir Luzzato, President, Luzzato Group, in a conversation with Irad Atzmon Schmayer, High-tech correspondent, TheMarker
From Startup to Grownup

                     CPA Yaniv Cohen, Partner, Head of Technology Cluster, BDO

Driving in Unknown Areas

Adham Ghazali, Founder & CEO, Imagry

The Future of Work

                       Ron Gura, SVP Product at WeWork in a discussion with Gili Melnitcki, Real Estate correspondent, TheMarker

The New Face of Lingerie! Tech and Innovation in Retail

                      Rudolphe Bereby, CFO Adore Me, in a conversation with Natalie Kotlyar, Partner, BDO USA

8 Million People to Feed – FoodTech in the service of mankind

                      Opening remarks: Dr. Erel Margalit, JVP Executive Chairman, Founder Israel Initiative ii2020
Moderator: Sagi Cohen, High-Tech correspondent, TheMarker
Nurit Pirani, Head of Business Center, LeumiTech
Shahar Florentz, VP Growth and Innovation, Strauss Group
Dror Tamir, Co-Founder and CEO, Hargol FoodTech

The Future of Food

Ayelet Carasso-Sternberg, Co-founder and CEO, Genie

Smart City STARTECH Meetup

Panel: Funding a Smart City Startup
Yanai Oron, Partner, Vertex Ventures
Noga Kap, Managing Partner, i3 Equity Partners
Yonatan Machado, Investor, Samsung Next
Avi Eyal, co-Founder & Managing Partner, Entrée Capital

Conversation 1-on-1: Taking your city to the next level
CityZone – MER Group

Startups strip
During the meetup, an avenue of companies will be on hand to meet
and interact with investors to present their venture

The event will be held in English *The event is for invitees only*

.Look. Feel. Taste

The site for Israel’s promising FoodTech developments

ClariFruit | DayTwo | Marula Industries | Poiike Foodtec | Varcode
Water.IO | Hargol Foodtech | DouxMatok | Tel Hai FoodTech

                      In cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Israel Initiative

Top floor


Parallel to the main plenum there will be a Speed-Dating event that enables startups to meet investors, consultants and service providers. The event will take place in cooperation with IVC, and each startup can present its initiative for a limited period of time, at the end of which dozens of potential connections will have been created.

Among the investors and consultants:
BDO | Luzzato | JVP | LeumiTech
Viola Ventures | TLV Partners

Among the entrepreneurs:
Thomas Medical | Atvisor | Medivizor | Moodify Ltd
CardioLync | yieldsApp | AdOM advanced optical methods


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